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  • I can be a picky buyer and can be especially thorough when it comes to deciding on large ticket items - quality, aesthetic, price and ofc service all mean a lot to me.

    Customer Service has been exceptional. Starting with our very first touchpoint, Siirra's team has been incredibly helpful and attentive. I love my HAG Capisco Puls and have Siirra to thank! would def buy again.

  • Bought a new office chair here and I was immediately sold on my Capisco. It fits perfectly with my sit-stand desk and is also very comfortable.
    Siirra helped me a lot when choosing a new office chair and made sure I was satisfied. If I ever need an office chair again, I will buy it here.

  • I just received my chair from Siirra, super quickly after the purchase. It's super comfortable, huge improvement over my last chair. I didn't know too much about office chairs so I asked customer service for advice and they helped me a lot.

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